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How do you measure customer experience?

In order to measure something we first need to agree on what we are measuring. If not any measure will do the job.

what leads to better decisions that enable better outputs and outcomes for the customer and the business?

A chain of measurement

Customer experience chain of measurement (end-2-end measurement)
  1. Reach the right people
  2. Capture their first reaction (attention)
  3. Create a decent amount of engagement (awareness)

I believe that marketing includes technologies, targeting and messaging, but the purpose of marketing is not technologies, targeting or messaging — the purpose of marketing is motivation and influence. And to motivate a human being you need to know what is valuable to them (what their need is) and then leverage that to drive a response.

With customer value we are going to rely on our hypothesis for what is valuable to the customer (the reason they are engaging with us in the first place is because they want something for themselves) and measure if we are able to produce that value.

The production of customer value is NOT the goal of customer experience — the goal is the production of customer value that drives business value.

And to do that we need to know if the production of value to the customer motivates them to a response that produces value to the business.

The goal is not a metric, but to support the best possible decisions leading to improvements for both the customer and the business.

Good luck!



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Helge Tennø

Helge Tennø

Founder and Principal at Jokull. Co-founder and Customer officer of eld365.