“The pandemic exposed the lie that was digital transformation,” says Alan Webber, program vice-president, customer experience at IDC (1).

As the mid- and/or post-pandemic pressure ramps up on organizations it might become clear which organizations have been using their customer focus as a “slogan exercise” (Philip Gerskovich, Zebra Technologies (2))…

I believe the best organizations are as closely aligned with their customers as possible. Not just through their marketing, product development or sales. Customer alignment runs through the whole organization. From how we set our own purpose, organize, prioritize, invest, learn and more. …

Learning leads to new insights and new knowledge. It challenges, enriches or makes existing ideas obsolete. Every day the learning team finds how they can improve on what they did yesterday — and in here lies the dilemma of any learning organization:

With learning comes demands. …

“Innovation is a disease.” This statement by Shoshana Zuboff is solidly reasoned and have been a key part of my work and thinking for the last decade. I’m mostly paraphrasing Zuboff here:

According to Zuboff: “innovations improve the frameworks in which enterprises produce goods and services. Mutations create new frameworks”

Every customer engagement is unpredictable as it is by its nature a chain of unknowable actions and reactions that might come from you, anyone or anything else.

The first thing that happens in an engagement therefore is change, and any plan you had before it started is solving for a situation that no longer exists.

Given this unpredictable interconnectedness of actors, actions and reactions customer problems aren’t simple or complicated they are complex. …

Helge Tennø

Founder and Principal at Jokull AS | www.jokull.io

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